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Graddy's was started back in 1999 when my wife, Kay and I moved back to Iowa after buying a greenhouse in our hometown of Carroll. We had previously lived in large metropolitan cities in the south and decided it was time to get back to our roots. In 2000, we expanded from a 4 bay greenhouse to 12 bays. This meant we could now have room to grow around 9,000 tomato plants. We sell our tomatoes to stores mainly in Iowa and Nebraska.

~John Gradoville


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The idea of making salsa came after we found we had some smaller tomatoes that were just to small to sell in a store. We started selling the salsa at the Omaha downtown Farmer's Market and from there it grew. Customers tasted how fresh it was and demanded we sell it year round. We sell Graddy's Salsa in Hy-Vee and Fareway Stores in the Midwest.

All three of our children help with our family business in some way. Our oldest son, Ben and my wife, Kay have taken over a lot of the sales and deliveries freeing me up to focus on the growing of the plants. Our two other children, Nick and Liz, when not attending college, help by doing demo's in the grocery stores or also by helping in the greenhouse or at the markets in the summer.