Graddy's all-natural fresh salsa and tomatoes


olivesWe guarantee a garden-fresh flavor in every Graddy's Tomato!


What makes our tomatoes so great are two things. They're flavor and that they are free of any pesticides. The key to getting a great-tasting tomato comes by leaving the tomato on the vine to ripen. Many tomatoes you buy in the store are picked green, put in a truck and shipped thousands of miles across the county. All of our tomatoes are sold locally. The key to producing a quality tomato is having it in the stores as fresh as you can. We pick our hydroponic tomatoes and have them in the stores within a day or two. We are able to let the sun ripen them naturally and deliver them fresh. We leave them on the vine longer than most anybody. The longer a tomato can stay on the vine, the longer it has to get flavor from the plant hence you get a sweeter, more flavorful tomato.

Tomatoes naturally power lycopene, which is an untreated anti-oxidant not produced in the human body. Our tomatoes are full of nutrients with high levels of lycopene. It's benefits include the prevention of certain cancers including prostate, rectal, cervical, colan and stomach cancers. Additional benefits of lycopene include the prevention of cancers of the mouth, esophagus, and pharynx. No other fruit or vegetable has been proven to have higher levels of lycopene. Eating tomatoes that have been sprayed with pesticides make the risk of coming down with certain cancers greater and defeats the purpose.


All of our tomatoes are grown indoors in one of our greenhouses by a hydroponic system. Our method of gardening is safe and much more preferred over the use of chemicals. When someone practices hydroponic gardening to grow their tomatoes, the nutrienolivests are dripped irrigated to the roots of the plant. Using nutrient-rich solutions are beneficial because more of the fruit is produced and is higher in nutrients. Rather than forcing the tomato to search for the nutrients itself from the soil, it is dripped irrigated into the growing solution for each plant.
Hydroponic tomatoes are protected from pests by using other beneficial bugs to pray on the bad bugs such as white flies that can get into our greenhouse. Insects such as ladybugs are introduced into the environment. The only other way of getting a pesticide free tomato is by organic farming. Organic farmers use organic pesticides to get rid of pests. Each method of gardening is safe and much more preferred over the use of chemicals. Practicing traditional means of gardening causes the nutrients to get lost in the soil. It also provides a much less vital tomato full of pesticides. Although the tomatoes are washed once picked, some of the chemicals that were sprayed onto the crop will never leave. Consuming any additional type of tomato is not recommended. Our method of gardening will produce a healthy, nutrient-rich tomato.


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